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Acne treatment essential oil
Designed to treat acne, blackheads, pimples, blemishes, and adult acne. This formula inhibits bact..
Bergamot essential oil
Cellulite Reduction essential oil
To be used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program. Dry brush and shower to increase circu..
Chamomile essential oil
Cold Sore treatment
Used to relieve pain and outbreaks associated with the Herpes virus. Apply 1-3 drops directly to a..
Constipation essential oil
Formulated to sooth abdominal tension, constipation and symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel S..
eczema treatment essential oil
Used to calm and treat chronic eczema outbreaks. Provides soothing relief to area while gently bri..
gingivitis essential oil
Lavender Angustifolia
Lemon Essential Oil
Men's Deodorant
Veriditas Botanicals has come up with a great smelling and extremely effective, pocket-sized deodo..
Menstrual cramp essential oil
Significantly decreases pain of cramping during menstruation. At first signs of symptoms, gently m..
Mental Clarity essential oils
Our most popular formula, use this to refresh, energize, treat headaches, soothe tense muscles, co..
Peppermint Essential Oil
Rose essential oil
Scar prevention essential oil
Used to prevent and heal scars up to 6 months after scar has formed. After scab has formed, massag..
Shingles essential oil
An extremely soothing and effective anti-viral treatment for the pain and outbreaks associated wit..
Sinus congestion essential oils
This formula quickly brings free breathing to the sinus cavity, healing infected and inflamed muco..
Sleep aid essential oil
Rub 3-6 drops in palms of hands. Cup hands near nose and slowly inhale 5 deep long breaths. Rub ex..
stretch mark prev/treatment
Used to prevent and treat Stretch Marks. Apply 2-4 drops to lotion or shea butter and apply evenly..
Varicose veins essential oil
This formula is designed to tone and strengthen the veins in the legs and to help increase circula..
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